Stone as per date of birth

Stone as per date of birth

A colourful assortment of dazzling gemstones generally bears month wise association. Both traditional as well as modern category involves similar correlations. Since time immemorial they have been mythically revered as encapsulates of mystical properties. There are scientific claims as well to back up the correlation between birthstones and far reaching influence wielded by them in respect of human life. Attributable to gemstones of precious variety, birthstones encapsulate certain natural properties. Irrespective of various correlations, in general they herald good luck and fortune. Don’t know what your Birthstone is? This birthstone finder will help you find your birth stone based on your birthday. It will also list birthstones associated with your birthday. Birthstones are Gem stones which are associated with the birth month of a person. These birthday stones or birthstones are believed to bring good luck and health to the wearer. There are many birthstones associated with each month. Birthstone list include Modern birthstone, traditional birthstone, zodiac birth stone, lucky charm birthstone, mystical birthstone etc. Wearing birthstones in the form of jewelry is a common practice and birthstones are considered an ideal gift as they are precious and are expected to bring good luck to people.

Stone as per date of birth

In gemmology, your birthstone is the gem which represents the month you were born. There are 12 birthstones in total, each representing a different calendar month: Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Opal, Topaz, and Turquoise. In particular, birthstones are noted for their healing powers, and their capacity for bringing luck to those who wear them. Birthstones are also associated with certain qualities, so knowledge of your birthday stone can provide insight into your own character. By entering your name and birth in the form below, you’ll instantly find out which gem is yours.  And you won’t just discover your birthstone. You’ll full summary of all your signs and symbols from all the different astrological traditions. So go ahead and reveal your birthstone. Gemstones should always be worn according to auspicious grah (Planet) as per your kundali (birth- chart). It is believed that the planetary alignment at the time of birth, affects our entire life and all aspects of it. So it is important that we wear only those gemstones which suit us. Use this Gemstone Recommendation tool to find out your lucky gemstone (as per your birth chart). Yes, you will definitely get the correct information using this tool. We believe in giving 100% satisfaction to our customers, so if you have any further doubts, please fill the contact us form, requesting Pundit ji to call you back when he is free. Mars and Venus are the planets that play a big role in anything related to arrange marriage, love marriage and spouse issues. If both planets are at a good position in your Horoscope then it means that there will not be any problem in the marriage but if they are at some wrong position or with some unfavourable planet in your kundali then they can create many issues in your love or arrange marriage.

The exact gemstone can only be suggested after studying your birth chart. We analyze your Kundli for auspicious and inauspicious Yoga too, which affect your Horoscope a lot. Wearing a gemstone will surely resolve these problems. It is said that Jupiter is responsible for education and Mercury is responsible for the Sharp Brain. Analysis of planetary combination and strength of houses according to the Kundli is very important before commenting anything about anyone’s career. The positions of planet in the 2nd and 5th houses are related to education. The ruling planet which is most auspicious in your Kundli for the betterment of your career is used to decide the best gem for you. According to the planetary positions in 2nd and 11th house of your kundli and the study of overall kundli, we can recommend the best gem for you. If any auspicious Yoga is present in your kundli then wearing a gem can multiply its effect and help in gaining maximum from that auspicious yoga. However, if any inauspicious Yoga is present then we can help you in neutralizing its effect with the help of gem. Thus it is only appropriate that the person’s lucky stone should be ascertained based on the day his soul first entered the physical realm of the universe. In fact this method is by far the most accurate for ascertaining the lucky stone, even though individual preferences may vary.

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The creations of almighty face a lot of hurdles throughout the entire life. To the rescue of various issues, Vedic astrology has been supporting for a long period. Dasha of the Graha and Nakshatra are caused due to the placement of the sun, moon and other planets at the time of birth. Vedic astrology talks about lot of natural remedies for such Graha Dasha. Besides, the astrological gemstones also play a very vital role. These gemstones are having infinite potential to remove the ill effects of planets.

Know about your right stone according to birth date

But taking gemstones without proper consultation is not right. Every gemstone is having different effects and they work for different planets. To get proper remedy from the stones, knowing the date of birth is essential. This will provide the position of the various planets along with the sun and the moon. It is being worn based on the Graha and as per Kundali. They are known as birth stones.

The 12 gems for the 12 months of a year

There are 12 birth stones in total which represents the 12 calendar month. Every stones have different healing power and also bring luck to the individual. Here is a list of stones according to the birth date and zodiac sunshine

  • March 21st to April 20th – Zodiac sign is Aries. The birth stone of this sunshine is bloodstone. It is a green coloured stone with red spark all around the stone.
  • April 20th to May 21st – Zodiac sign is Taurus. The birthstone of this sunshine is sapphire.
  • May 21st to June 21st – Zodiac sign is Gemini. The birthstone of this sunshine is agate.
  • June 21st to July 24th– Zodiac sign is cancer. The birthstone of this sunshine is Emerald.
  • July 24th to August 23rd – Zodiac sign is Leo. The birthstone of this sunshine is Onyx.
  • August 23rd to September 23rd – Zodiac sign is Virgo. The birthstone of this sunshine is carnelian
  • September 23rd to October 23rd – Zodiac sign is Libra. The birthstone of this sunshine is Peridot
  • October 23rd to November 23rd – Zodiac sign is Scorpio. The birthstone of this sunshine is beryl
  • November 23rd to December 22nd – Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. The birthstone of this sunshine Topaz
  • December 22nd to January 20th – Zodiac sign is Capricorn. The birthstone of this sunshine is ruby
  • January 20th to February 19th – Zodiac sign is Aquarius. The birthstone of this sunshine is garnet
  • February 19th to March 21st –Zodiac sign is Pisces. The birthstone of this sunshine is Amethyst.

Know your gemstone according to the zodiac sign. Determine the zodiac sign by the birth date and get the suitable gemstone.

The birthstones are not only a remedy for the issues in life. They are helpful throughout the life and rectify the wrong planetary positions.

Consult with professional before wearing any stone

Before you just buy and wear the gem, it is very important to consult a professional astrologer. An astrologer can help you to check the Janam Kundali and the position of sun, moon and others Graha and nakshatra. According to their position, the dasha are determined.  Thus they also suggest some gemstones other than the birthstone. This not only makes the positioned planets powerful but provides remedy to hurdles in life.

From the early Vedic Period to this twenty first century, people still have strong rooted believe in astrology. Gemstone is a part of astrological suggestion for issues. This helps you to get the right stones that suit you. Get the appropriate birthstone by filling a form with necessary information. Accordingly one can also consult with professional astrologers. Wearing the right gemstone can bring in great difference in your life forever.

Know your Stone as per date of birth

Free Vedic gemstone recommendation is not offered for free by experts in this field. They charge for their valuable advice. For this you need your horoscope and you can get it by your time and date of birth. What is a gemstone: It is a natural stone with a specific colour responding to specific planets in our solar system. Some of them are also assigned to even moon & sun which are not planets. We all of us stay on the earth which is one of the nine planets in our solar system. So, it is assumed that every planet including moon and sun have some influence on all organisms here. The recommended gemstone or birth stone should be studded in a ring or pendant. It should be arranged such that the surface of the stone touches the skin on wearing it. To know a good and suitable gemstone you may have to consult an astrologer. I think it is a good option to take advice from an astrologer if you are not confident on your guess. Because gemstones are expensive and also it is believed that wearing a wrong stone has harmful effects. But let’s see methods for getting free gemstone recommendation yet accurate based on online astrology software.