Lucky stone by birthday

Lucky stone by date of birth

Lucky stone by date of birth; Owing to jewels of precious range, lucky stones by birthday encapsulate specific properties that are natural. Planets commence to effect and control the person’s life from the day he was born. This is the most appropriate way to understand the lucky stone although there may be variations in one’s liking. Regardless of various correlations, generally speaking these stones herald fortune and greatest luck. This colourful assortment of luck stones by birthday have month-wise connection. Both contemporary along with conventional classification involve similar correlations.Due to its magical properties they have been mythically recognized since time immemorial.

Exactly a person’s fortunate gem is ascertained depending on the date and time, the soul entered the world. Birthstones, gems or fortunate rocks influence your body through their calculated radiations. Lucky stones by birthday increase the powers of an individual and ward off the ill-effects of planets. All jewels have good healing capacity and enormous uses.On wearing them you can feel yourself being blessed by cosmic forces. Keep the rocks in touch with the human body. Don’t lock them in a cupboard because this way you are depriving of its tremendous potential.

Lucky stone by date of birth

Every individual in this world definitely seeks out for answers to one or all of these questions at some point of their lives. People are concerned about their future and the sudden issues that they may face, this is the reason a lot of them opt to search for different methods that can enable them relatively look into their future. They look for some type of direction that can help them make perfect choices within their lives. Right from the various difficulties that they face to career options which them must explore. Choosing your lucky stone by birth day can help you resolve most of your problems.

Aquarius or also known as the water bearer happens to be the second last astrological sign. Planet Uranus governs it and its most important element is air. Their presiding planet is Uranus and the water bearer is its symbol. The birthstone for Aquarius is amethyst. Amethyst offers stabilizing effect towards Aquarians. Since its essential component is air, they are found compatible with fire symbol. Those who are born between January 20 and January 18 are considered Aquarians. The lucky stone by birthday for Aquarians will be the Amethyst and it directly affects the lifestyle, individuality and occupation of the person. The stone’s distinct attributes, associated features and also its crystalline design leave a great effect on both the positive and negative behavioral characteristics of people.

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Do you believe in astrology? Do you think how to get benefits of astrology in your life? Are you still waiting to see the success in your life? If you are thinking only one can reap the benefits of astrology and gemstones with help of birth chart, lagna, Moon and Sun sign then you are totally wrong. You can still reap the best essence of astrology with your date of birth. Your date of birth can reveal so many things of your life that you would be surprised totally. This website is here to help you in this matter. Lucky Birth Stone website strives to offer you full information that you can choose your lucky gemstone and greet luck in life.


Find Your Numerology Number By Date of Birth


If you are fond of wearing gemstone then wear the gemstone which will be lucky and prosperous for you. Only astrology can tells you about your lucky gemstone by your date of birth.  In this website, we are offering detail information on lucky gemstonesthat you can know which your lucky gemstone is. For instance, if your birth date is 28the May, 1980 then your numerology number is 2 + 8 = 10 or 1 (1 + 0= 1). You just need to add the date of your birth excluding month and year. In this way you can determine your numerology number.Let us have a brief look at the discussion on birth date and its lucky gemstone.


  1. Number 1 and Its Birthstone: Natives who took birth on the date of 1, 10, 19 and 28 in any month round the year their numerology number is 1. These people are ruled by Planet Sun and their lucky gemstone is Ruby.
  1. Number 2 and Its Birthstone: Natives who born on the respective date of 2, 11, 20 and 29 in a month their numerology number is 2. The number 2 natives are rules by Moon and their lucky stone is Pearl.
  1. Number 3 and Its Birthstone: People, who born on 3rd or 12 or 21 or 30 day in a month their numerology number is 3. Number 3 is governed by Planet Jupiter. You can wear Amethyst or Yellow Sapphire.
  1. Number 4 and Its Birthstone: If you have born on 4th/13th/22nd/31st day in a month then your numerology number is 4. The number is governed by Rahu and you can wear Blue Sapphire or Honey hue Garnet.
  1. Number 5 and Its Birthstone: People who born on the day of 5 or 14 or 23 in a month their numerology number is 5. Number five is ruled by Mercury and the lucky gemstones are Diamond and Zircon. You can choose any of these.
  1. Number 6 and Its Birthstone: If you have born on 6th, 15th or 24th day in a month then your numerology number is 6. The number comes under the influence of Venus and you need to wear Emerald as lucky stone.
  1. Number 7 and Its Birthstone: People who born on the 7 or 16 or 25 day in a month their numerology number is 7. The number is governed by Ketu and lucky gemstone is Cat’s Eye.
  1. Number 8 and Its Birthstone: If you are the one who took birth on 8 or 17 or 26 days in a month then your numerology number is 8. The number is governed by Saturn and lucky gemstone can be Diamond/Emerald/ Blue Sapphire.
  1. Number 9 and Its Birthstone: People, who born on 9 or18 or 27 in a monththeir numerology number is 9 and the number is ruled by Mars. The lucky stone of 9 is Coral.

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Find your lucky stone by date of birth

The lucky stone for the ones born in December will be Turquoise. This blue colored stone reflects various properties and is associated with an individual’s personal development, growth, progress in business and good fortune. This lucky stone by birthday brings exceptional qualities like boldness, openness, immunity towards various diseases and developing strong and healthy body. Their zodiac sign is Capricorn.  Offering a piece of jewelry containing a birthstone brings the individual best of fortune and security.

The traditional birthstone for people born in the month of October is tourmaline. Different birthstones are known for possessing different qualities and features. The birthstone for this month is colorful and is known as queen of gems. It helps you to settle down genetic disorders in body and controls your nervous system. You can enhance your mental and physical growth by wearing this birthstone. This lucky stone by birth is known for bringing good luck and absolutely brilliant characteristics in a person. One must treasure this lucky stone and enhance their life.